Aki Ashe
R.E. Salesperson

Aki Ashe has an extensive background in the accounting and publishing industries. Mr. Ashe is also an author of business education books, and now is currently writing a real estate book series featuring realtors, attorneys, and investors that will provide education to the community. Ashe brings his love and passion for service to the real estate industry. Mr. Ashe has resided in the New York Area his entire life, as he loves the landscape of Ulster County and the surrounding counties. Mr. Ashe will be able to assist you with your selling or buying a home experience. He also services real estate developers and investors looking for commercial property.

In Mr. Ashe’s free time he loves to give back to the community by serving on the Board of Directors of the YMCA Greater of New York as well as feeding and donating clothes to the homeless.  Mr. Ashe also writes and publishes empowering books for the youth and has a Scholarship Fund for high school students attending college called the Aki Ashe Scholarship Fund. 

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