Aimee Lynn Stuit
R.E. Salesperson


Originally from California, with paternal roots in New York, Aimee has called New Mexico, New York City and New Orleans home. After falling in love with New York and the Hudson Valley again, she has decided to call Kingston her home.

A makeup artist for film and television for the last 16 years, she has enjoyed a successful career including an Emmy nomination. She started her working life in clothing design, graduating from
college in Los Angeles. After many years working in hospitality and restaurants, she transitioned in to her first love, makeup.

Aimee has always had a passion for real estate and interior design. She has purchased four homes for herself over the years and has helped her father purchase his dream home back in New York recently. She truly believes in the power of a beautiful space and the right space for the client and is thrilled to be back in her ancestral home, the Hudson Valley.

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