Robert LaRegina Jr, R.E. Salesperson

Robert LaRegina Jr

R.E. Salesperson

Cell Phone 415-818-6735
Office Phone 845-279-2944


The Hudson Valley, historic and beautiful, is a splendid place to live and thrive. This is the location in which I, Robert LaRegina Jr., choose to call home. While I am a fresh face at Coldwell Banker, what I lack in experience is made up for with the passion and local knowledge I have developed throughout my formative years. I grew up in the small community of Lake Peekskill and am currently located in Stormville, NY where I live with my fiancé and our many pets. After leaving the Hudson Valley briefly from 2018-2020, I found myself missing the cozy yet thriving community I had always called home and could not help but return.

My first introduction to real estate was when I studied architecture. While I did not follow through with that career path, I believe it greatly developed my passion and path towards real estate sales. After meeting my fiancé, I began working with her father, Joe Clement. Joe is an experienced contractor, he offered me valuable insights on how a house can best suit their future owner and was crucial in helping me understand small defects which can make a house unsuitable if left unresolved. Ann Clement, a former broker/owner for Coldwell Banker has been practicing real estate for several decades. After commenting on my "gift of gab", Ann introduced me to the important role of a real estate agent and sparked my interest in the field. Until then I had only heard the “gift of gab” in that song by America, unaware I could use this talent to help people find a place to call home while making my clients dreams come true. While working together you may find that I am quite inquisitive about my clients wants/needs in any given circumstance.

When not developing my craft and working to help make people's dreams come true, I am caring for my dogs, chickens, ducks, and goats on the little homestead my fiancé and I have created. You might also find me hiking around the Hudson Valley's many trails in my spare time taking in the scenery. While I am just starting in my real estate career, you will find that I bring with me a strong work ethic, rectitude, and passion to the table.


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More About Robert

  • Taking my new pup Cassidy and old man Coco on a walk

  • One of the many hidden Gems of the Hudson Valley

  • A glimpse of my Paradise!

  • Sunken Mine road is so beautiful and has so many trails to explore!

  • Giving Roxanne and Franchesca treats is always a treat!

  • Tending to my chickens

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