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When you're buying or selling a home it's important to take some time to search for the right agent. Here are some reviews of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty's agents from people who are best qualified to offer them, our past clients. After reading our reviews, if you have any questions or want to learn more about our agents visit our agent profile page or Contact Us. Want to review your own Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty experience? Contact Us.

Working With: Amy Lonas

"Amy was excellent in introducing us to the Ulster County market.  We didn't know the area when we began our search.  Amy worked with the lender and seller to make the closing extremely smooth."

Andrew & Abigail Cohen
Working With: Andrea M (Andi) Turco-Levin

Andi went above & beyond to make sure my needs were met selling & buying a new home, meeting my short time frame between selling my home and providing a speedy closing for both sales. I feel her expertise & knowledge of the markets availabilities made this transition possible. Andi's attention to detail & sensitivity to any needs set her apart from others in her field.

Roseann Sureda
Working With: Ann Levine

Ann is terrific. She helped us for a number of months, she kept us informed of everything and she kept us from getting frustrated. Ann is outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone I know. She already helped my friend buy a house and is now working with another person we know. I have run companies my whole life and I know the type of people that make a company successful. Ann Levine is one of them!

Elaine & Joe
Working With: Barry Glassman

"Barry is an all around, professional who advocates strongly for his client. I have worked with him on a few purchases and I have referred friends to him often." 

Janine Buxton
Working With: Cathy Pulichene

Cathy Pulichene is an extremely professional broker who knows the area very well. I just bought a house from her and she was wonderful to work with, understood my needs, communicated back to my comments and questions in less than one hour. She was also fun to work with! I highly recommend her whether you are buying or selling. She is very impressive and fun to work with!!



Jane Tai
Working With: Cheryl Wherry

I came across a listing in February of this year that was of interest to me, a fixer-upper in Kingston. I sent an inquiry to Cheryl and she got back to me within the hour and we set up an appointment and went to see the place a day or two after my inquiry. I immediately knew that I wanted to purchase the property and Cheryl set the wheels in motion. As a first time home buyer, she was always happy to answer my questions about the process and consistently went above and beyond what I expected with informative her emails and phone calls and good suggestions for inspectors and contractors in the area. Moreover, Cheryl was very pleasant to work with. She's friendly and outgoing, engaged and interested in the people she meets. It was a great experience working with her. I am now the proud owner of my little fixer-upper and looking forward to getting to work on it and would like to thank Cheryl for all her hard work and help in helping me make my purchase.

Working With: Christine Nielson

When I was considering selling my home I decided to talk to Chris because I had seen first hand how hard she worked to sell a house I had built for a client that decided to sell after he got a job transfer out of the area. That, and she did a wonderful job in securing tenants for my rental house who remained tenants for 5 years after!!
When we met at my house I was impressed with her ability to see how the house “fit” into the real estate market based on its particulars and siting. I could tell she knows the housing inventory and what buyers are looking for. Equally impressive was the manner in which she conveyed the information – clear, straight forward and honest.
After a few days we met again and she continued to show these traits when she presented me with several comparisons of my house to sales that recently occurred with dollar amount adjustments for variance’s between each sale and my home for the purpose of coming up with a reasonable expectation of what my house could sell for. Chris let me see what the market could bear for my house and in my case I liked what I saw and decided to list it with Chris.
Chris connected me with a home stager who furnished the home in a way that made people feel they wanted to live in it the moment they opened the door. During the couple of months that it took to sell and close on the property Chris maintained communication via phone, text and e-mail on a continued basis.

We both felt secure in her work in coming up with the value of the home and its asking price and in the end it sold in the amount exactly equal to that estimate – to the penny!!!! I couldn’t be happier that I had Chris work with me on selling my home and would recommend her to anyone considering doing the same.

Working With: David Barnes

"David quickly took pictures of the house and got it listed with a well written description. He communicated clearly and quickly."

Robert Wiggins
Working With: Dawn Passante

"Dawn Passante has made our first home buying experience amazing. She has went above and beyond throughout the entire process. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, polite & efficient. Please recognize Dawn as she is an amazing asset to Coldwell Banker Village Green! I will recommend her to everyone."

Tamika Elliott & Maurice Bennett
Working With: Denise Mink

Denise stuck with the sale from day one till the end. She knew what I needed and delivered. 

Michael Naughton
Working With: Doina Dewell

Doina was very personable and called whenever she had new information and always kept us in the know. She is a great representative of buyers/sellers needs.

Michael Robbins
Working With: Ellen Osgood

"Ellen stuck with us for 3 years and her service never wavered. She always looked out for us, kept a good line of communication and never "dropped the ball" If you want a GREAT agent, Ellen is it!" 

Rachelle Russo-Mas
Working With: Eric Amaral

"We felt at ease and everything from start to finish was like a well oiled machine. Eric made the process so easy!"

Wayne & Nicole Burke
Working With: Felicia Reyes

"Felicia is a pleasure to work with. She is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, courteous, accessible, & friendly. She's very aware of the market and market changes and so her experience is very helpful, especially when it comes to prices my houses for sale."  

Michael Smith
Working With: Francesca Noble

Francesca Noble was our agent for our property in Sundown, NY. Her word and her actions could be taken to the bank. She was lways honest and direct. She was on time for every appointment, she provided consistently relable advice and opinions. She was exceedinly conscientious and careful in explaining her role as a dual agent as she moved between myself and the buyer, and was meticulous in assuring that every detail was properly considered and addressed. 

I have been involved in numerous real estate transcations, in several states, both as a seller and as a buyer, and have not met anyone who was as professional, friendly, and helpful as Francesca. I can heartily recommend her to anyone who embarks on what can be the emotional and financial journey entailed in selling your home.  

Barry Levine
Working With: George Denise

"George went above and beyond the call of a realtor. We needed a number of tasks completed that George ran with himself.  He's a terrific resource!"

Gilbert Maddock & Kathleen Dundas
Working With: Jacqueline Coyle

Excellent, very responsive, and empathetic

Lea Moffett-Torres
Working With: Jeanine D. Stoddard

"Jeanine was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. It was the first time we had bought a house and she put us at ease and explained the whole process to us. It was reassuring to know that she was on our side and going to help us to achieve our goal. She quickly understood the type of property we were interested in and helped us to clarify our ideas as we began to understand the market better. During negotiations and the closing process Jeanine was professional and efficient which ensured that we got the house we wanted without undue stress and wasted time. We love our new home and would thoroughly recommend working with Jeanine." 

Charlotte Young
Working With: John Dooley

I'm from out of state and John dealt with many problems and was such a big help. John I felt, went way beyond being just a "Realtor". I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Working With: Karen Sullivan

"Karen was very personable and I enjoyed working with her - both as a buyer and then as a seller. I highly recommend her! Her knowledge about the market and her suggestions about selling was very helpful." 

Natalie Mortensen
Working With: Laurie Ylvisaker

We selected Laurie Ylvisaker after a bad experience with another agent (from a different agency). Laurie was everything we hoped for in agent -- she knew exactly how to market our property, even helped by staging it a bit and adding some area rugs, and was always in communications with us. We signed with Laurie in October, and by January we had an offer. Now that's what I call a great experience. Laurie always went the extra mile to help us out. I have been referring her to everyone -- even people who don't want to sell their homes!

Working With: Lisa Jaeger

This was a slow sale. Agent led me thru the market pressure as we struggled to find a buyer for the property. Great effort from Lisa

Glen & Linda Bellomy
Working With: Mary King

Mary King is an exceptional agent.  She was quick to identify a couple of things we needed to do to improve the presentation of the house and she was enthusiastic about selling it.  We are delighted with the service we received from Mary King.  Thanks to her and Coldwell Banker!

John and Joanne Butterworth
Working With: MaryAnn Miller

"Mary Ann Miller sold my mother’s house in Kingston in October and she did an excellent job. Mary Ann did an incredible job staging the house to make it look very appealing to buyers. She also went above the ordinary by meeting with contractors, arranging to open the house when needed and she even went to the city on my behalf to successfully appeal for a tax reduction.  She is very professional, honest and effective. I would definitely use her again."

John M
Working With: Mercedes Ross

"I looked at many more houses than most do over a three year period. Mercedes always made herself available to show me houses, as I came home from New Jersey on days off. She was always kind and patient. I feel very lucky to have met such a wonderful person. During closing, the inspection engineers and lawyers had the same opinion as Mercedes. She was excellent." 

Marilyn Daub
Working With: Nadine Bechle

• Sharon and Nadine were exception and passionate about what they do.
• They were very open to thinking outside the box and marketing our property in unique ways.
• They were go getters from the beginning and kept in communication every step of the way. • Sharon and Nadine exemplify exceptional character, integrity, and honesty and they are serious professionals.
• After working for 2 years with 2 different ‘local’ Hunter realtors with not one offer on the property we listed with Coldwell Banker Village Green on Memorial Day and the house was sold by Labor Day. Amazing – Thank You!

Kerry DeFillipo
Working With: Nancy Brenner

From the first moment we spoke to Nancy, we knew we had found the right person to help us purchase a house. Nancy is a highly personable, professional and helpful realtor. We were looking for a house in the Catskills area that could function as a weekender from the city, and Nancy was incredible in   her understanding of what works and what doesn't for someone looking for a vacation home. In the initial stages of the house hunt, Nancy took us to a solid variety of properties and was able to discern the nuances of what we liked to assist with narrowing down the search to properties that truly spoke to us. We ended up finding a place we loved, and Nancy was incredible in her support and guidance through a rather arduous purchasing process. Always clear and timely with her communications, Nancy ensured that we had everything we needed - and more - throughout the whole journey of buying a place (our first). It was an absolute pleasure working with Nancy - we could not recommend her more highly!

Working With: Phillip Winship

Phil is absolutely wonderful to work with. He is extremely confident and pleasant to be around. I would definitely work with Phil again to buy or sell property. He is a real gem!

Juliette and Robert
Working With: Regina Tortorella

Regina helped me buy a home this year. She was fantastic throughout the entire process of buying my second home in the Catskills. She has a expert knowledge of the region, and would a great asset to anyone looking to have an honest broker in their corner. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends.

Matt Miller, Editor at Large for Bloomberg News
Working With: Sadia Bihi-Gilmour

"Sadia is an experienced, professional agent - I've recommended her to several people." 

Tony Savino
Working With: Sally Sprogis

Sally was wonderful, pleasant, hardworking, and she gets it done! In fact, we're using her again. Thank you so much.

Dave & Alice Shuman
Working With: Sheila Word

"Sheila would answer my texts/phone calls any time day or night. She was great with meeting us at the house and was always flexible."

Jake & Emily Lacombe
Working With: Timothy Hurley

"Tim was extremely observant of our needs/desires and this helped us find our 'dream' home fast. Tim kept us well informed & never wasted any time. He was always the consummate professional." 

Daniel & Mary Collins
Working With: Ana Ortega

"Ana was very friendly, professional & knowledgeable. She kept in touch with us throughout the process & made a hectic procedure very much less stressful. She is s definite asset to Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty & I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the area."

Russell & Laurie Salavac
Working With: Sara Gorman Maliha

"Sara was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Her in-depth knowledge about the local market put me at ease and her references proved reliable. Sara was proactive and kept the process moving forward swiftly without needing urging from me. Her timely communication was appreciated." 

Sean Robinson
Working With: Mary McKinney

"Hire more people like Mary, she never seemed discouraged. She arrived at my house the day we interviewed, with pictures of my house as it was when I first built it. The only one of three people who did so! I was very impressed with her that day, again. Mary was a very outgoing person, a very good quality for a real estate salesperson."

Elaine Ferrand
Working With: Samantha Clark

Samantha made us feel like she was a friend of the family. We consider her our first friend in Gilboa. She is well liked by everybody we dealt with.

Kevin & Kim Russo
Working With: Gary Heckelman

"Gary continually went above and beyond.  For example, representing me at the Woodstock Board of Zoning Appeals.  I could not have had better service than what Gary provided."

Brian D. Winter
Working With: Bruce Stalnaker

"Bruce was extremely helpful, he cares about his client. He is always in touch to inform about the sale progress. He always answers his phone in a very timely manner." 

Hank Pittner
Working With: Jamie Abitabile

"Jamie made the process of purchasing our first home feel like we were seasoned veterans at the onset.  We were greeted at every visit like family and she left no stone unturned.  Our inspection was handled, our closing went smoothly, even setting up our utilities was easy.  We never had to ask for anything more than once and we were guided through every step of the way.  She did everything with a smile on her face and made us very comfortable in what was an overwhelming adventure.  We felt at home from the first time we stepped into the house."

Tara and Scott Templeton
Working With: Erik Forster

"Erik was great! he was very helpful to us as 1st time homebuyers and was always available to field questions. We would highly recommend Erik!" 

Rich & Jen Pendleton
Working With: Sharon Knudsen

She was very professional and did what she said she was going to do, very rare these days

Richard Peterson
Working With: Benjamin Armento

I’m so grateful for your help every step of the way. For every problem, you had solutions and got them done. I was so fortunate to have a Realtor as knowledgeable as you and one so thoughtful, helpful and supportive. You have my gratitude and deepest thanks.

Kathy Tiffany
Working With: Anne Hilton Purvis

"Hilton went completely "above & beyond" to find the property that best met our requirements. The home that we bought was not even on the market, but Hilton knew it was right for us and she approached the owner, unsolicited with our offer. The timing was right for everybody, but Hilton provided the spark that made it happen."

Greg & Sarah
Working With: Diane DeChillo

As an investor and new to the area I needed a real estate agent that would go the extra mile in research and be extremely responsive and Diane fit my expectations to a tee. Diane without hesitation took an individualized approach, developed her understanding of exactly what I was seeking and orchestrated, executed and completed my purchase. Diane was able to partner successfully with other brokers without diluting the personalized care that I sought. She used strategies that demonstrated extensive knowledge of the market, and her integrity, honestly and dedication was beyond reproach. I highly recommend Diane [this broker] for buying, selling or renting.

Brian Van Wagner
Working With: Karen Schneck

"During a difficult transition time Karen was understanding and patient... in the end she sold my house for full asking price."

Working With: Rose Noone

"Rose has a genuineness and a level of honesty and integrity that is hard to find these days and these qualities were apparent from the moment we met. Her knowledge of the market and her expertise in her field were invaluable to us as we moved from one step to another."

Renata Butera
Working With: Lacey Sala

Easy to get in touch with

Jay Garuc
Working With: Jane Simmons

"I appreciated the way Jane called me with updates. She was keenly aware of appropriate timelines and was always moving the deal forward."

Georganna Millman
Working With: Andrew Condon

"Andy was great!!  Very knowledgeable and responsive."

Gregory Ewoldt
Working With: Cecily Sachi

"Cecily is wonderful to work with! We felt she "got us" right away and was so helpful and responsible every step of the process. The experience was wonderful."

Sarah Lutz
Working With: Donald Wilkins

Don was absolutely wonderful to work with. My wife and I were orchestrating a move from across the country and we found Don at the last minute, after another realtor fell through the one weekend my wife was available to look at homes. Don took the time to get to know us and our needs and make us feel comfortable as first time home buyers. He was available to answer any questions we had at any point in the process, and accommodate our long distance schedule. Don was an indispensable ally in our home buy search...I am so grateful that we found him. 

Greg Barrett
Working With: Alejandra Dmytruk

"We actually switched realtors after already starting the home buying process. Our other agent just stopped responding to emails, so we lost some hope. Then we decided to call Coldwell Banker and we are glad we did, because it worked out and we never got left hanging again. Alejandra was helpful, nice, determined, & easy to work with."

David Padusnak
Working With: Solomon Anidjar

"Solomon's enthusiasm about Kingston and the surrounding area is infectious. He is truly devoted to helping his clients find the property that is right for them."

Ginny Holbert
Working With: Joel Craig

“Thank you, Joel, for making the purchase of our home as smooth and stress free as possible We appreciate all of your hard work and going the extra mile. Joel responded to us quickly and stayed in touch without being overly pushy. He has an excellent work manner & is very knowledgeable about the market and buying process. If Joel is a reflection of the rest of your agents, then you’re doing the right thing. I would definitely list my home with him & recommend him to anyone that needs a realtor."

Shane Kramer & Julia Carr
Working With: David Baker

"David Baker was amazing. He was supportive and positive all the time. He works long and hard for you and his support is heartwarming. This was a difficult property for some reason to sell and David did it!! We have bought and sold properties in the past and this was the most pleasant of all. He made a difficult time easier by being warm & sensitive to our needs."

Louis Spina & May Grett
Working With: Kimberly Cantine

"Kim has a persistent yet patient attitude.  Always stayed on top of the transaction at hand.  Kim was always friendly and courteous in all our deadlines.  We enjoy working with her."

David and Jackie West
Working With: Robin Elliott

"The minute I first spoke to Robin on the phone I was impressed by her expertise and knowledge regarding real estate, and particularly in the Kingston and Ulster neighborhoods where she grew up and has lived all her life. After asking me all the right questions on the phone one evening, she immediately got to work and began sending me listings the very next day. Robin not only showed me several properties during our first meeting, but also gave me a tour of all the possible neighborhoods I may not have known about but may have been of interest to me. In other words, she did not have to rush off; she gave me all the time I needed. After spending a number of days with Robin looking for property I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me in my search. She is enormously patient, kind, knowledgeable, easy going with a great of sense of humor and intelligence. All I can say is I was lucky to find her, and cannot recommend her enough to anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell their home." 

Alison Hoffman
Working With: Richard Vizzini

"Rich was always available for any showing of our home.  This was especially appreciated if another realtor hadn't previewed our home before showing up with a client." 

Gerald & Pamela Donnelly
Working With: Jeanette (Jenny) Bishop and GL Trudi Conkling

"Jenny and Trudi brought a real human touch to all of this--we would often talk baseball or other stuff. When the sale was finalized, they gave us a beautiful photo that Trudi had taken as a gift--it's hanging now in our new house!"

Maccabee Montandon
Working With: GL Trudi Conkling and Jeanette (Jenny) Bishop

"Jenny and Trudi brought a real human touch to all of this--we would often talk baseball or other stuff. When the sale was finalized, they gave us a beautiful photo that Trudi had taken as a gift--it's hanging now in our new house!"

Maccabee Montandon
Working With: Elizabeth (Beth) Alfeld

"Very knowledgeable of market; good suggestions in many areas to aid in posting; extremely personable with professionalism! Wonderful person to have on your side selling a home. Beth is the best!!" 

John and Dana Masselli
Working With: Teresa Samuels Lepore

"We can't recommend Teresa highly enough! We had looked at dozens of homes over the course of two years. Once Teresa became our realtor, she got a good feel as to what we were looking for, and didn't waste our time on places that weren't right. She was always straightforward and candid in evaluating the upsides and shortcomings of any given property, and her knowledge of construction and design saved us from homes that could have been mistakes. We always felt she was our advocate and she always had a positive attitude, her enthusiasm is contagious!"

Carol Wooden
Working With: Allison Morelle

Allison went above and beyond!! She showed us multiple homes. Contacted agriculture specialist to help. She knew what we were looking for and never gave up.

Frank Luccarelli
Working With: Erin Patricia Loughran

"The only reason I found my home in this busy market is because of Erin. She was on top of the inventory, she knew what I was looking for and she was extremely attentive. I would highly  recommend Erin Loughran to anyone looking to buy or sell."

Louann Sullivan
Working With: John Summerford

"From the very first meeting, we were confident that John would be able to help us sell our home-- he was both pragmatic and reassuring. We also can't overstate John's ability to capture our home visually. He took stunning photos/video which made our home stand out. In addition, John was a   consummate professional in dealing with our complicated out-of-state negotiations. We highly recommend him!" 

Working With: Maureen J. Kinch

"We absolutely loved working with Maureen! She helped us find a house that we truly love and after all is said and done, we feel like we gained a friend. She was open and accessible throughout, answered all our questions and as first time homebuyers, made the process so much easier than it might have been. She was level headed when we worried, remained upbeat and enthusiastic when we had moments of doubt and always had great resources to point us towards to allay our concerns. Our home search was an incredibly comfortable and relaxed endeavor thanks to her. She really helped us find the right fit for us. We recommend her to anyone who is even remotely entertaining the idea of buying in the area!"

Sara Hashim
Working With: China Jorrin

"China worked patiently and diligently in helping me find the perfect rental in Rhinebeck. We visited quite a few places before I found just the right space. China really helped to make the process seamless for me and was responsive to all of my questions. She swiftly negotiated with the listing  agent on the rental price and move in date. I highly recommend China’s services and will choose her as my buying agent once it’s time for me to purchase a home!"

Nicole T

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