Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty Reviews

When you're buying or selling a home it's important to take some time to search for the right agent. Here are some reviews of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty's agents from people who are best qualified to offer them, our past clients. After reading our reviews, if you have any questions or want to learn more about our agents visit our agent profile page or Contact Us. Want to review your own Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty experience? Contact Us.

Working With: Amy Lonas

We have been working with Amy ever since our initial contact through Zillow. Amy is a pleasure to work with and has a great knowledge of the area and [always] understands our needs.

Richard & Mimi
Working With: Andrea M (Andi) Turco-Levin

Andi went above & beyond to make sure my needs were met selling & buying a new home, meeting my short time frame between selling my home and providing a speedy closing for both sales. I feel her expertise & knowledge of the markets availabilities made this transition possible. Andi's attention to detail & sensitivity to any needs set her apart from others in her field.

Roseann Sureda
Working With: Ann Levine

Ann is terrific. She helped us for a number of months, she kept us informed of everything and she kept us from getting frustrated. Ann is outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone I know. She already helped my friend buy a house and is now working with another person we know. I have run companies my whole life and I know the type of people that make a company successful. Ann Levine is one of them!

Elaine & Joe
Working With: Barry Glassman

"Barry is a professional. You cannot say that about everyone in the business. Barry was a pleasure to work with and I know he had our best interest at heart."

Timothy & Carol McCausland
Working With: Cathy Pulichene

"I found Cathy to be a pleasure to deal with and helped to make my home purchase very pleasant."

Robert Zaccheo
Working With: Cheryl Wherry

Buying your first home can be a stressful situation. There is much to learn, and many things can go wrong with banks, lawyers, etc... Luckily we had Cheryl help us with our first purchase. Not only was the patient enough to drive with us all over Ulster county, but her calmness helped us through a rather stressful problem when our bank didn't show up for closing (not her fault, the banks, of course!). We can't recommend Cheryl enough, particularly if you are looking for someone patient and kind to help you through the buying process.

Julie Hollifield
Working With: Christine Nielson

"Christine Nielson and Amy Lonas marketed and sold our house on the Hudson River. Not only were they extremely professional, but they were equally kind, caring and likable throughout the process which is never without its stresses. As a veteran of the real estate industry, exposed to hundreds of transactions and agents, they truly earned their commission."

Leonard Steinberg, President, The Leonard Steinberg Team - Compass
Working With: David Barnes

I met David Barnes when I called about a house. He made sure I was able to view it that same evening and by the next day we had a binder signed. The seller decided not to sell but David stuck by me and promised to find me a house I would love. I looked at more houses that I can remember and David always had a smile on his face and he always said "Don't worry we'll find the right one". One day the phone rang and it was David telling me about a property he found that had just lowered in price. It was a property that I had seen on but didn't feel I was interested. It was perfect. David knew me better than I knew myself. We closed 2 months ago and David still answers any questions I have about the area.

Melissa Reese
Working With: Dawn Passante

Dawn puts in 110% of effort to get the job done! She gets right down to business and knows everything about listing home! We put all of our trust in her and she sold our home in 2 days!

Dawn is knowledgeable, committed, dedicated, and most of all passionate about what she does. She works around the clock to help her clients! She kept us informed every step of the way and we couldn't have done it without her!

We highly recommend Dawn to be your listing or buyers agent. You will NOT be disappointed!

Thank you, Dawn!

Khalil & Brittany
Working With: Denise Mink

This was a short sale and Denise was awesome!  She dealt with HSBC with patience and perseverance.

Janine Hoffman
Working With: Doina Dewell

"Doina was on top of everything from the moment we spoke with her about potential properties right up to the closing. She is knowledgeable, efficient & trustworthy. We're sorry we don't have more money to buy my properties because she is the only agent we would go to."

Richard & Denise Christie
Working With: Ellen Osgood

Ellen went above and beyond in every respect.  She was engaged and our advocate throughout the process.  We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for property in the area.  In fact, I already have!

Jordan & Cherry Chassan
Working With: Eric Amaral

"Eric was very informative about the area and he was always available when we had phone calls with questions.  He is definitely an asset to your company."

Michael & Lynn Williams

Michael & Lynn Williams
Working With: Felicia Reyes

"We would like to take this opportunity to praise Ms. Felicia Reyes for all her assistance during our apartment search.  Felicia is a true professional, with an outstanding knowledge of her field of expertise.  Ms. Reyes was quick to answer all of our phone calls and messages, always responding in a cheerful and professional manner.  With the knowledge of our tight frame, Felicia made herself available at all times and served as a strong advocate for our needs.  We are truly grateful for all of the help Ms. Reyes gave us.  Without doubt, Felicia is a true asset to your organization.  We would highly recommend Felicia's service to all of our friends and relatives" 

Jim, Joel and Linda Fasciani
Working With: Francesca Noble

Francesca went to extraordinary lengths of time and effort to help bring the transaction to a successful close despite many changes of scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather.

Sherry Chackin
Working With: George Denise

George is great.  He has been my realtor for several transactions.  I trust his judgement, and he is always super friendly and responsive.  I am glad to have him on my side.  Would absolutely reccomend.

Kat O'Sullivan
Working With: Hollis Dukler

We had to finalize a rental quickly, and Hollis was very considerate and responsive. She met me to show the house the morning after I called and arranged a meeting with the landlord very quickly.

Raven F.
Working With: Jacqueline Coyle

Jacki did a great job, communicated well and I was very satisfied.

Frank Adamo
Working With: Jeanine D. Stoddard

"Jeanine was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. It was the first time we had bought a house and she put us at ease and explained the whole process to us. It was reassuring to know that she was on our side and going to help us to achieve our goal. She quickly understood the type of property we were interested in and helped us to clarify our ideas as we began to understand the market better. During negotiations and the closing process Jeanine was professional and efficient which ensured that we got the house we wanted without undue stress and wasted time. We love our new home and would thoroughly recommend working with Jeanine." 

Charlotte Young
Working With: John Dooley

I'm from out of state and John dealt with many problems and was such a big help. John I felt, went way beyond being just a "Realtor". I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Working With: Karen Sullivan

"Karen was very personable and I enjoyed working with her - both as a buyer and then as a seller. I highly recommend her! Her knowledge about the market and her suggestions about selling was very helpful." 

Natalie Mortensen
Working With: Laurie Ylvisaker

Rest assured that if I ever get to Woodstock I will immediately look you up.  You are an interesting and intelligent woman and one of the very few people I've encountered in the last 50 years who can still execute a compound sentence with finesse.  Brava!, Byrdcliff lady.

John Vaupotic
Working With: Lisa Jaeger

She was very helpful, informative, and responsive from beginning to end

Scott & Beatriz Forman
Working With: MaryAnn Miller

"MaryAnn was very helpful in relating to me what had to be done to prepare the house for showings and helpful with staging the house."

Eula Doggett
Working With: Mercedes Ross

"I looked at many more houses than most do over a three year period. Mercedes always made herself available to show me houses, as I came home from New Jersey on days off. She was always kind and patient. I feel very lucky to have met such a wonderful person. During closing, the inspection engineers and lawyers had the same opinion of Mercedes. She was excellent." 

Marilyn Daub
Working With: Nadine Bechle

Nadine was very lovely, thorough and a pleasure to deal with, as well as very knowledeable.

James Picarillo
Working With: Nancy Brenner

Nancy was amazing. She was professional, tough, clear, and helpful. I had had a bad previous experience working with another realtor in the area but when I found Nancy it was just a pure delight. She helped me sell my house in a difficult time, ensured I got great terms, helped clean up some  mess with the lending institutions, and overall treated me well and fairly. Can't recommend her highly enough.

Working With: Phillip Winship

We are both brokers in NYC. Phil was such a pro. He helped us find our dream home and was swift in securing it for us. We are big fans of Phil Winship.

Jennifer and Roni
Working With: Regina Tortorella

I have been in sales for 20 years and have had the opportunity to manage and train hundreds of sales professionals.  Regina exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  We saw many properties in one day and ended up making an offer at the end of the day.  I felt Regina knew what we wanted and helped us understand the market as well as assist us with finding a lawyer.  She's a keeper!

Frank Chioccariello
Working With: Sadia Bihi-Gilmour

Sadia was extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of the local market. She also went above and beyond; checking our home since it was a vacant property. She made sure it was represented and presented perfectly.

Carl Jayson
Working With: Sheena Lepez

"Sheena was a reliable, honest and knowledgeable resource for our 1st home purchase.  She was responsive, very helpful and we could not recommend her enough!!"

Robert Hicks and Ranu Rajkarnikar
Working With: Sheila Word

I tried a couple of other real estate agents with no response. Within weeks Sheila & Coldwell had my house showing. This was a multi-unit house, a hard sell. but you guys found s perfect buyer.

Michael Pennello
Working With: Timothy Hurley

"Tim was extremely observant of our needs/desires and this helped us find our 'dream' home fast. Tim kept us well informed & never wasted any time. He was always the consummate professional." 

Daniel & Mary Collins
Working With: Ana Ortega

"Ana was very friendly, professional & knowledgeable. She kept in touch with us throughout the process & made a hectic procedure very much less stressful. She is s definite asset to Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty & I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the area."

Russell & Laurie Salavac
Working With: Sara Gorman Maliha

"Sara was fantastic, this was our first time buying a home, Sara guided us through the process with patience & knowledge." 

Anthea White & Mark Palmer
Working With: Mary McKinney

"Hire more people like Mary, she never seemed discouraged. She arrived at my house the day we interviewed, with pictures of my house as it was when I first built it. The only one of three people who did so! I was very impressed with her that day, again. Mary was a very outgoing person, a very good quality for a real estate salesperson."

Elaine Ferrand
Working With: Samantha Clark

Samantha is very professional and easy to talk to.  Made the process real easy.

Ron and Doreen Hasemann
Working With: Bruce Stalnaker

Bruce is a sensitive realtor. He really knows how and when to sit back, to give space, to steer the ship, to nudge you when you need it & be a good ear through the process. Great people skills! Funny guy, too. A pleasure to work with.

Valeria Gheorghiu
Working With: Jamie Abitabile

She was extremely helpful. Very nice and always called back right away

Eric & Lada
Working With: Erik Forster

"During the inspection process a few issues came up and Erik was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in resolving those issues. Thank you so much Erik, you were amazing!"

Wes & Jessica
Working With: Sabrina Lee Puppolo

After Sabrina helped me through every step of my house purchase last year, I enlisted her to rent the property.  She found fine tenants for the three bedroom relatively quickly.  It took a much longer time to find a tenant for the 1 bedroom, but Sabrina persisted, and worked extremely hard, and finally, an excellent tenant just signed a lease. 

Dan Miner
Working With: Sharon Knudsen

Sharon is just fantastic! She is obviously is committed to great customer service. We had used Sharon for a previous purchase and will recommend her to our family and friends

Doug Paoletti
Working With: Benjamin Armento

I’m so grateful for your help every step of the way. For every problem, you had solutions and got them done. I was so fortunate to have a Realtor as knowledgeable as you and one so thoughtful, helpful and supportive. You have my gratitude and deepest thanks.

Kathy Tiffany
Working With: Anne Hilton Purvis

"Hilton went completely "above & beyond" to find the property that best met our requirements. The home that we bought was not even on the market, but Hilton knew it was right for us and she approached the owner, unsolicited with our offer. The timing was right for everybody, but Hilton provided the spark that made it happen."

Greg & Sarah
Working With: Diane DeChillo

“Buying your first home can be a stressful experience. Buying your first home in an area you are not too familiar with can be a really stressful experience. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to work with an outstanding and knowledgeable realtor, Diane DeChillo. Without her guidance, I do not believe I would have secured the home I am in today. She led me to towns and homes that were not on my initial radar and was a valuable asset from start to finish. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor.”

Working With: Susan Krom

Very people friendly. She went the extra mile

Stan & Barbara Podkalicki
Working With: Karen Schneck

"Working with Karen is like dealing with the concierge at a 5 star hotel. You would never know that she has a full always feel like you’re the only person in the world that she’s dealing with."

Broker/Owner of a Cooperating Real Estate Company
Working With: Rose Noone

"I felt Rose was honest and reliable, and completely on our side. I have already recommended her to friends, and will contact her again when we are looking to buy or sell in the future."

Rachel Rardin
Working With: Lacey Sala

Lacey was able to find me a responsible tenant in a timely fashion

Lawrence Dilthey
Working With: Jane Simmons

"Jane was fantastic to work with.  We ended up working together somewhat randomly, she responded to our online request immediately, and from that point on we literally had no problems from start to finish.  She was just as responsive to our every request as she was to the first.  Jane's super  positive attitude in face of all the hurdles we encountered, and her willingness to be aggressive when needed created a perfect balance and enabled us to complete our home purchase in a timely and relatively painless fashion.  I'd highly recommend Jane to anyone seeking a buyers agent." 

Jim Edelstein
Working With: Andrew Condon

"Andy Condon is an expert in his field and is a thoughtful, mindful, knowledgeable
Real estate agent who gets the job done in an interested and helpful manner. You are always made to feel like a
valued customer with Andy."

Donna and Bruce
Working With: Cecily Sachi

"Cecily was the loveliest agent, kind thoughtful and humorous. She was extremely responsive to texts and emails. She went the extra mile to help us get the property we wanted at a fair price."

Miranda Morrison
Working With: Donald Wilkins

Don was absolutely wonderful to work with. My wife and I were orchestrating a move from across the country and we found Don at the last minute, after another realtor fell through the one weekend my wife was available to look at homes. Don took the time to get to know us and our needs and make us feel comfortable as first time home buyers. He was available to answer any questions we had at any point in the process, and accommodate our long distance schedule. Don was an indispensable ally in our home buy search...I am so grateful that we found him. 

Greg Barrett
Working With: Alejandra Dmytruk

"We actually switched realtors after already starting the home buying process. Our other agent just stopped responding to emails, so we lost some hope. Then we decided to call Coldwell Banker and we are glad we did, because it worked out and we never got left hanging again. Alejandra was helpful, nice, determined, & easy to work with."

David Padusnak
Working With: Solomon Anidjar

"Solomon's enthusiasm about Kingston and the surrounding area is infectious. He is truly devoted to helping his clients find the property that is right for them."

Ginny Holbert
Working With: Joel Craig

"Joel has been very supportive and attentive to my needs. I have enjoyed working with him and plan to do many more transactions with him in the future."  

Downes Property Development
Working With: David Baker

"David Baker was amazing. He was supportive and positive all the time. He works long and hard for you and his support is heartwarming. This was a difficult property for some reason to sell and David did it!! We have bought and sold properties in the past and this was the most pleasant of all. He made a difficult time easier by being warm & sensitive to our needs."

Louis Spina & May Grett
Working With: Leslie Foti

"Leslie was fantastic from start to finish. She completely understood our wants and needs, fought through other offers (not to mention while pregnant) and was able to secure us with our dream home. Every step of the process was fun, easy and a pleasure due to Leslie’s diligent work."

Thomas Moore
Working With: Robin Elliott

"I've passed on her contact to friends and neighbors. She immediately selected top notched properties in my price range. I made my choice during the first visit. She is knowledgeable about the buildings, neighborhoods, paper filing process and scope of renovations. This is my 3rd home purchase and by far the least stressful. Every step of the process was clearly explained by her and the people she recommended to work with me. Much appreciated experience."

Phi Nguyen Bedstuy, Brooklyn
Working With: Richard Vizzini

"I have worked with many agents over the years, and Rich Vizzini is hands down the most responsive, helpful, and honest agent I have come across. Not to mention, he is a “go-getter” and will treat you and your family with the utmost respect."

Working With: Susan DeFord

Susie did a fabulous job for us. Her demeanor is laid back and calm, and yet she is totally determined without being pushy. She’s the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove type of person. She was exactly the kind of person you most need to guide you through what can be a confusing, sometimes frustrating and drawn out set of negotiations. I am so thankful we decided to go with her! We had gotten some pressure from a realtor we’re working with in another city to go with someone from that company, and I am convinced we wouldn’t have gotten such a good deal and gotten one so quickly if we had gone with someone other than Susie. She has my highest recommendation.

Pamela Ethington
Working With: Jeanette (Jenny) Bishop and GL Trudi Conkling

“They were extremely organized and efficient. Being that we lived in NYC, they planned a meticulous trip out for us that was scheduled to the NYC minute. We extremely appreciate the respectful use of our time. The entire process was also managed locally by them as we were remote and they did all the legwork for us.”

Working With: GL Trudi Conkling and Jeanette (Jenny) Bishop

"Jenny and Trudi brought a real human touch to all of this--we would often talk baseball or other stuff. When the sale was finalized, they gave us a beautiful photo that Trudi had taken as a gift--it's hanging now in our new house!"

Maccabee Montandon
Working With: Teresa Samuels Lepore

Teresa was an excellent agent who worked very diligently with us for over a year to purchase the house we wanted--and we're pretty discerning people, so it wasn't easy to find a house we were truly happy with.

Working With: Michelle Bergkamp

As a real estate agent myself, I can’t say enough good things about Michelle Bergkamp! She was so knowledgeable, patient and went above and beyond as my buyers agent. I would recommend her to anyone I know looking upstate, She is a superstar!

Einat Bar
Working With: Allison Morelle

"Allison is always helpful and amazing when showing me and my fiancé a house. We've been looking for almost a year now and she is always enthusiastic and quick to get us in and has all of the details and answers to our questions before we even ask! She's thorough, and has even pointed out good and bad things that we have overlooked! She is excellent at communicating with us and the sellers/agents/whoever we need answers from. I have and would continue to refer to anyone looking for help with buying a house to Allison!" 

Mary Croley
Working With: Erin Patricia Loughran

"Erin was extremely attentive and patient throughout the buying process, she answered all our questions and handled our concerns in a timely and professional manner. Erin was a fierce advocate for us and made sure that our needs and concerns were addressed throughout the buying process. Erin helped us to find our dream home in an area we love. She is incredibly knowledgable about the area and helped us to feel comfortable and settled in our new neighborhood."

Laura Palermo
Working With: John Summerford

"John is the Best real estate agent I've ever worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, trustworthy and reliable. He brought all the pieces together and help create one of the fastest and easiest home closings I've ever experienced. I highly recommend him."

Working With: Angela Lanuto

Angela was my biggest support through this whole house buying experience. She helped us find the house of our dreams!! We came across many challenges during this process and Angela was always there to guide us through. I am very grateful to have had her working with us and to be by our side.

Justine & Corey M.
Working With: Aysa Elizabeth Morehead

"Aysa was invaluable during our search for a Catskills home. Very responsive & highly knowledgeable throughout our first time home purchase. From start to finish our experience with Aysa was amazing, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her & would definitely choose to work with her again in the future!"

Nicola Whitely
Working With: China Jorrin

"China worked patiently and diligently in helping me find the perfect rental in Rhinebeck. We visited quite a few places before I found just the right space. China really helped to make the process seamless for me and was responsive to all of my questions. She swiftly negotiated with the listing  agent on the rental price and move in date. I highly recommend China’s services and will choose her as my buying agent once it’s time for me to purchase a home!"

Nicole T
Working With: Amie Durham

Amie was a pleasure to work with. She was super prompt with email and texts, kept things moving on her end and was very supportive and understanding of what we wanted. She made our experience as first time home-buyers so easy and enjoyable.

Talia Bosco
Working With: Lisa Ferrante

I have been working with Coldwell Banker 2002. I sold my father's house on Long Island and had very good results. When purchasing my house, I went directly to Coldwell Banker, had a great experience, and decided to return when selling the house.

From day one when I met Lisa, she was very informative, compassionate, and helpful.

To my surprise, I was shocked that the house was sold in one day which took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend Coldwell Banker to friends and family. Lisa was a pleasure to work with.

Deborah Cohen-Lampitok
Working With: Antonio Parrotta

I would actively recommend Tony P. as anyone's choice in a realtor.

His personality is outgoing, sunny, and friendly - and he is readily available to his sellers and buyers alike. Tony is very responsive to any contact whether it's by phone or text , which as you may well guess is a very important part of the sales/buying process!

His outgoing nature makes him an asset in the sale of any home or property. Tony's innate design sense and vision for the property he is showing or selling is a huge bonus that he readily shares with potential buyers. And let's not forget about his enthusiasm, that's my favorite!

When my home suffered an insurance tragedy, he was very helpful and supportive. In fact, he sold the home for me in the midst of all the confusion, chaos and rubble!

In summation, I recommend Tony to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Ulster County area.

He turned my heart-break into treasure.

Thank you, Tony.

Cindy Graham
Working With: Amy Owens

Amy was a joy to work with. Her in depth knowledge of the Market was amazing. Everything she said would happen actually happened, from the selling price, to the amount offer’s and the time needed to get an acceptable offer in. She went above and beyond. Amy made sure that any issues with the house, as a result of the home inspection were taken care of which she didn’t need to do. Amy always answered my calls no matter what time I called. I would recommend Amy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Ulster County.

Sean Swartz
Working With: Michael B. Weber

Mike Weber was very thorough in every step involved with finding a buyer for our house. Mike made our home available for everyone to see. Mike was always available for our questions and advised us on what improvements we could make to make our home more showable. Mike Weber is definitely the realtor of choice.

Bob & Sue G
Working With: Amy Crossfield

My realtor did much of the foot work for me before I was even able to look at the house I purchased I was searching for a house from across the country. Having someone I trusted on the ground was essential. Amy has a very nuetral unpushy vibe and would send me videos and images of each place I asked her to check out for me. It was incredibly helpful and finally I found the right place.

Lauren Phillips

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